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December 11, 2014
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Bluffing in Texas Holdem Poker

Whether you prefer online or live Texas Holdem poker, you will find that bluffing is one of the most important parts. You might think that bluffing online is impossible, but that is not truly so. It is true that a different approach needs to be applied, but online bluffing is as viable as the live one! The main difference, of course, is that you won’t see the opponents, so reading the usual signs (shaking hands, facial expression, poker face, etc.( is not an option here. Online Holdem players have perfected the skill to that extent that you will find improving your own online bluffing skills quite a challenge!

Failing to fold

The essentials, of course, remain the same. The first sign that someone is bluffing is, without a fail, when the opponent fails to fold, even if they have a losing hand. They will keep on raising until it is too late. Admittedly, this strategy is a common one, and may sometimes render a desired outcome, but only if other players fail to see through the bluff. In the long run, however, the player with the best hand always puzzles the bluffer out.

High wagers

Some online Holdem players use to call high wagers, hoping to get hold of a winning hand. For example, if you have two clubs, and the flop consists of two aces and one club, and another player places the bet, they probably to have an ace. An expert win Texas Holdem Poker player would fold the three clubs at that instance, but aggressive players would call, hoping to get two more clubs. This isn’t what we would call a smart Texas Holdem Poker strategy, but each to their own.


Still, this strategy usually shows some results in the very beginning. In the long run, the player applying it will fail to deal with marginal and unmade hands. It is always best to have patience and fold until in a possession of a strong hand. Patience is the most important factor. many online Holdem players have problems with the skill, alas! Rather than bluffing until too late, exercise being patient.

Aggressive approach

Interestingly, the aggressive approach is a defining feat of online Texas Holdem poker, mainly because online poker rooms offer free bonuses, which enables players to take excessive risks without losing a penny. When playing for real money, be cautious. Opt for patience instead of excessive bluffing.

When to flop?

So, when exactly is it advisable to flop? No rules are definite, but here are some recommended guidelines. For example: flop if you don’t have a pair, an open-ended straight draw, or a four-card flush. Bluffing in online Texas Holdem Poker will certainly be effective to some extent, but in a game with three or more players, the one with the best hand will certainly call.

Texas Holdem poker rooms

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